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Welcome to me!

Hello! My name is Larysa Semenenko, born in 1981, live in Ukraine in the city of Kharkov. In 2014 I was working in the store. For the purpose of robbery threw combustible mixture, which hit my face and clothes. As a result, I received burns to 45% of grade 3-4 skin. One and a half month lay motionless in a hospital, 4 were made transplants of skin, and then had a long rehabilitation, he learned to walk again. There was a threat of the loss of his right hand. For saving the life of the entire family budget is gone, her husband threw after 6 years of marriage, no children. I live with my parents retired, a disabled mother of the 3rd group, I am disabled - 2nd c. To date, there are contractions on the face, neck, right arm, as well as multiple keloid and hypertrophic scars. Wanted reconstructive plastic surgery to eliminate the defects. Reconstructive plastic Ukraine, to overcome the aesthetic and physiological defects. Any young girl would like to have a normal family .. husband, children. I applied to various charities, but as the country's hard times, I refused to help, and so I appeal to all not indifferent people for help.